M.C. Schaff, P.E., L.S.

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M.C. Schaff, P.E., L.S.

M.C. Schaff, P.E., L.S.

Founder / President

Start Date

During career with M.C. Schaff & Associates, Inc., has been involved in the investigation, analysis, design and construction of highways, bridges, airports, subdivisions, municipal water systems, municipal and industrial sewer systems, flood control projects, commercial feedlots, irrigation systems, landfills, and recreation projects. Clint has served as County Surveyor for Scotts Bluff County, Banner County, and Cheyenne County, Nebraska.  He has also served as Highway Superintendent for numerous cities and counties in Nebraska.  During his career, he has testified in court on cases involving accident reconstruction concerning vehicle speed based on damage analysis, driver perception time and distance, driver reaction time and distance, distance for skid to stop, driver sight distance, vehicle speed based on skid marks and highway signing and construction zone safety. Clint has performed pedestrian time and distance calculations for traffic signal design, parking lot design and parking lot striping projects.


As the President for Panhandle Geotechnical & Environmental, Inc., Mr. Schaff is responsible for overseeing all projects.  He reviews subsurface investigations into soil and groundwater contamination.  He is also responsible for the engineering design and review of groundwater and soil remediation system design. Clint provided the design and testing during construction of numerous groundwater contamination and construction dewatering projects.


With Panhandle Geotechnical & Environmental, has been involved with the investigation, analysis and design of foundations for numerous structures including multi story buildings, storage silos, electric substations, and earth dams.



June 1964

Georgia Institute of Technology (Ga. Tech)
Bachelor of Civil Engineering 1957

Accident Reconstruction — Kansas State University
Geotechnical Seminar “In Situ Testing” — University of Nebraska
Ground Water Professional as an Expert Witness — National Water Well Association
2nd International Symposium on Waste Treatment Lagoons
Geotechnical Considerations for Solid Waste Disposal Facilities — University of Nebraska
Accident Reconstruction — National Academy of Forensic Engineers Upgrading
Drinking Water Systems — Environmental Protection Agency
Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organics in Groundwater — Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers
Private Drinking Water and Wastewater Workshop
OSHA 40-Hour Hazardous Waster Training 29CFR1910.120(q) — 1994

Professional Engineer
Nebraska P.E. 2351
Colorado P.E. 5702
South Dakota P.E. 1332
Kansas P.E. 5269
Wyoming P.E. 2465

Land Surveyor
Nebraska L.S. 233
Wyoming L.S. 2465
South Dakota L.S. 1332

Water Well Contractor and Pump Installer
Nebraska S-18

National Academy of Forensic Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Water Works Association
Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers
International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineers
National Society of Professional Engineers
Water Pollution Control Federation
American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)