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Every day, tons of hazardous materials are manufactured, stored or transported across the nation. While a vast majority of those materials are handled without incident, occasional spills and mishaps do occur. When a spill does occur, it requires a highly specialized team with the equipment and training to bring the incident to closure as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible. We have an extensive network of trained professionals armed with the latest spill remediation equipment that can be rapidly dispatched to address any hazmat, gas or diesel fuel spill. The Rapid Response team is activated when a call is received by our 24-hour toll free hotline 1-877-269-7949. The team provides a quick assessment of the spill situation when they arrive on scene followed promptly by implementing stabilization and clean-up procedures. They then partner with you on every step needed to rapidly resolve the spill, including closure documentation.


Waste is created at all businesses in our area, and disposing of that waste can be challenging. Enviro-Service can balance your company objectives, the demands of your business, and your budgets to create an effective waste management solution for you. We have the in-house expertise and the contacts in the industry to handle your waste management needs. Our customized service program creates a waste containment plan, a timely pick-up/removal schedule and details on regulatory compliance activities. Let Enviro Service develop a plan perfect for your operation.


Can’t keep up with the increasing governmental and environmental regulations for the treatment of wastewater generated by your food-service facility? Let the experts at Enviro-service help. Our grease trap solutions can help you keep in compliance while maintaining a sanitary and efficient operation. Any food-service establishment that introduces grease or oil into a wastewater system needs a grease trap to remove fats, oils, greases and solids from the wastewater. Grease traps allow the water to exit while keeping the grease and solids from entering the sewer lines. Keep your system functioning by relying on the experts at Enviro-service. Our Scottsbluff- Based Team can help with any aspect of grease trap operations at your facility. We offer value-priced regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, on-call services and complete documentation solutions perfect for your unique situation.


Collecting and disposing of waste of differing forms (such as liquids, sludges and wet solids) can be a major obstacle unless you partner with an expert in those areas. The Team at Enviro Service is your locally-based expert for these services and more. We operate vehicles with the latest technology for waste in tanks, vessels, water treatment ponds, basins, sewers and drains. Our professional teams are knowledgeable and fully trained in efficient wet collection techniques and safety measures, ensuring all your needs are fully met.